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The History of OpenVision

This early entrée into the Internet market, has given OpenVision the experience , knowledge. and solid foundation, to draw from. This factor has ultimately contributed greatly to its current client’s success in the industry .

OpenVision's philosophy is simply to provide and produce the latest in cutting edge Interactive Technology. We have built our company through the years with a small group of individuals which has steadily grown in numbers as our client base has expanded.

OpenVision now has the scope of services and expertise to meet the design, engineering and marketing needs of fortune 1000 clients (Wilson Sporting Goods, Fortune Brands, ClubHaus, etc) anywhere in the world.

OpenVision has also formed partnerships and alliances with a select member of companies throughout the world in order to meet these demands. In this new economy you need a company that is one-step ahead of the market in emerging technologies.

OpenVision is already working with wireless applications and Microsoft’s .NET programming while others are still struggling with yesterday’s technology. As a small, privately owned, technology-driven firm, OpenVision concentrates on adding maximum value to our clients' business.

We focus on

  • A highly customized internet strategy that fits our clients marketing strategy
  • Increasing our customers' return on investment
  • Measuring our solutions against a client's business impact

Growth of the company

We have an unusually seasoned and experienced management team that instills a culture of customer service and excellence.

Under their leadership, we serve our clients based on the concept of "best practice"… finding the best practices of doing business, then taking a step higher. We strive to keep pace with today's communications and technology revolution. Through the hard work of management, development and sales, along with our strategic partners, "Team OpenVision" makes it all come together.

What differentiates OpenVision from the competition? Our Team

OpenVision offers all three of the essential elements necessary for Internet success…Design, Marketing, Hosting …with specialists in each area.

At OpenVision every one wears just one hat. Programmers don’t design…Designers don’t program…Search Engine professionals focus only on getting our clients to the top… …Marketing researchers just do research.

This is definitely not the case with most companies.

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