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Openvision helped me set up my Costa Rica rental property web site and is managing my pay-per-click program on Google.

Since we started a little over 9 months ago, the pay-per-click program has generated over 12,000 unique visitors to my web site. Of these visitors, over 230 have emailed me asking for information on my Costa Rica rental property. From these contacts, I have booked over 15 weeks of rentals representing almost $125,000 in rentals.

For every dollar that I have spent on the pay-per-click program, I have netted seven (7) dollars in rental income.

I would recommend Openvision to anyone looking for a web site and/or managing a Google pay-per-click program.

- Kim Davis, Owner

Dear Glenn,

OpenVision has done a great job for my company! I found out about them in June 09 and allowed them to handle my SEO work and then my ppc campaigns, with some reservations. I thought I was doing a great job with the ppc's on my own, but after allowing them to take it over for only 1 month, i saw a 650% increase in the number of clicks to my website and have had a record number of visitors to my site since!

I have been so impressed with their services that I have allowed them to re-develop my entire website! The OpenVision team have done a great job for me.

- Ronnie Lemmond, Owner/President

Dear Glenn,

Glenn and his team have done an outstanding job for my company Penny's Tomatoes. I just hired him last quarter 09 and my Search Engine traffic has exploded... and it's building exponentially. I have laterally seen traffic increase tenfold. OpenVision is always available to me and we've already had 3 productive conference calls and a meeting in Hilton Head, SC. Also, Kudos' to Danielle on this team who has done a fabulous job with my Google pay-per-click campaign and her attention to detail with my keywords.

- Joe Arditi, Founder of &

I am not sure what we would do without your team. You guys have all been spectacular. All golf courses that care about their SEO results should have someone like your team watching out for them and their best interests.

- Charles Kinard, Director, Information Systems at Orange County National Golf

Dear Glenn,

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to you and your staff in the formulation, management and strategy that OpenVision has devised and implemented on behalf of Stella del Mare in creating a electronic marketing message-presence. It isn’t easy to attract interest in multi million properties via an electronic medium where you only have seconds to attract someone’s attention and yet we need minutes to describe the benefits of those properties over others.

Through your expertise in web site design and optimization principles, you have elevated our web site to one with high first page exposure on many different search engines and have devised methods where we have a high level of visits to our site. I think the most important and pleasant part of our association is the high level of emphasis you and your team put on effective communication with our staff and excellent and quantifiable feedback we receive monthly via WebTrends OnDemand and our informal meetings.

Again, I went into this relationship with a lot of trepidation, but your company gives confidence that web marketing is not only necessary in today’s market strategy but also effective.

Warmest Regards,

- David McRorie, President
Teatro Vita Development