Recently there has been much debate regarding the life of a press release; some argue that the press release is dead while others insist that press releases are alive and well. We at OpenVision believe that the press release is not dead; in fact it has been reborn as a useful marketing tool. Press releases, or news releases, have been used in marketing for years to communicate with the media. In the past they have been mailed, faxed or emailed to editors of newspapers, magazines, and radio and television stations. Once the editors received the press release they would then write a corresponding story. So what's new? With recent advances in communication with consumers through social networking and blogging the press release has been reborn as a useful communication tool. The recent avalanche of PR Sites has opened up a direct pathway to communicate with customers and bypass big media. So what do you need to know before publishing a press release onlineā€¦. What You Should Kno... [More]