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What are Live Web Actors?
Live Web Actors are Website Spokespeople (actors) who walk out onto your website greeting your website visitor capturing their attention in literally seconds! 

Live Web Actors work as a Virtual Spokesperson helping owners get their marketing message across quickly, they can help you increase your sales by promoting your products and services. Website Spokespeople can offer a more memorable website, and can create a call to action by pointing our your phone number, 'Buy Now', 'Opt In', and 'Contact' buttons. 

For most people, reading through conventional marketing materials such as brochures and sales literature is often a time consuming and boring process. Typically your reading audience will glance over the photos, and possibly read the captions, but nothing more. Web Actors not only improve your marketing message, but also help your website stand out from your competition. 

Research has shown that web pages that contain a video keep viewers on that page up to 71% longer than a web page that only contains static text. 

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Our Video Marketing Solutions are far more interesting, interactive, and informative. They not only peak your prospect's curiosity to obtain more information but also enables you to deliver a flawless presentation every time. Our Video Spokespeople can be used for so many different types of projects. Our professional staff can create almost any project you have in mi

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