Social media users love to be heard, and if you are listening they can provide a great service to your company.

Gauge User Data
By implementing a website analytics tool such as Google Analytics you can see what content most interests your users, what content they are reading, what links they used to get to your site and what they searched for to find your site. If you know your user types, referring sites and what keywords they used to find your site you can then create more favorable content. By understanding this data it should in turn give you the answer as to why other sites trust you and what related topics you should consider.

Free Focus Group
Standard focus groups are a marketer's dream, one that is often unfulfilled due to high costs. By polling your social media users you can create focus groups for free allowing you to research for product concept, price validation, location based product offers and positioning. Most social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn have applications which allow you to easily create polls.

Receive Feedback
Social media is an immediate feedback loop. Give your marketplace a platform to provide feedback so you can improve your products and services to better your business. Social media also opens the door to provide immediate customer service to problems you may not otherwise been aware of. By setting up a monitoring system such as Google Analytics you can see what others are saying about you and immediately address any problems or concerns about your product.