Recently there has been much debate regarding the life of a press release; some argue that the press release is dead while others insist that press releases are alive and well. We at OpenVision believe that the press release is not dead; in fact it has been reborn as a useful marketing tool.

Press releases, or news releases, have been used in marketing for years to communicate with the media. In the past they have been mailed, faxed or emailed to editors of newspapers, magazines, and radio and television stations. Once the editors received the press release they would then write a corresponding story. So what's new?

With recent advances in communication with consumers through social networking and blogging the press release has been reborn as a useful communication tool. The recent avalanche of PR Sites has opened up a direct pathway to communicate with customers and bypass big media.

So what do you need to know before publishing a press release online….

What You Should Know before Writing Your Next Press Release & How Press Releases Increase Search Engine Rankings.

In the new generation of Press Releases your Submissions need to be NEWS WORTHY, adding value to the reader; OR your Press Release will be DENIED.

Top 4 topics to discuss when writing a Press Release that will be APPROVED in submission and boost Search Results on Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN), and AOL:

1) New Product Launch | For Technical Software & Industrial Manufactures Only: Consumers want to know when you have an Updated Product Version, Made Modifications to the Product Line, Implemented changes Due to Consumer Feedback, & Working towards products/materials that are Innovative and Beneficial for them in the near future. Chances are they have been searching for improvements on your previous software/Industrial Products--- This Directly promotes your Business and in most situations it will be approved due to the fact this information is News Worthy.

2) Company Philanthropies: Companies that are involved with charity functions or are giving to charities financially. Write a Press Release that covers the Charity, the Charity's objective, & current needs of the Charity. Then, at the end of the Press Release, give a plug to your company.--- Charities are News Worthy.

3) Employee Society Involvement: Discover what your employees are doing to better society off the time clock. If their honorable contributions will validate your corporate purpose and boost your industrial image then this should be published with a brief mention of your corporation in the last paragraph. For example: An Organic Company that has an employee on payroll whom is involved in Eco-Friendly projects (outside of the office) is News Worthy. Before publication you would need permission from the employee to publish this press release.

4) Address Real Life Issues Your Industry Products or Services Can Help Resolve: Avoid advertising the products and service your company provides; rather you should address the Benefits your entire Industry provides to consumers. For example a vacation home rental company would publish the Benefits of Traveling. The Press Release for vacation home rental properties would state the following factual findings: Get Away Vacations have been found to decrease an individual's stress & anxiety, increase mental stamina by clearing the mind, increase work performance & esteem, improvements on emotional relationships, and etc.,. If I were to write a Press Release for a Travel Company I would Simply take the Benefits listed above and summarize, adding statistical data for increased validation. Mentioning the company name, contact information, and brief details in the last paragraph. --Addressing Real Life Issues are News Worthy.

When writing a press release, consider the value each submission adds to Search Engine Rankings. A Press Release should not be read as if it were advertisement; press release allows you to inform your consumers on News Worthy Information. A Press Release should be Optimized, then linked to your website; this will validate your corporations overall objective to searchers, while increasing your search results.

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