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With many companies over the past year expressing concerns about the effect the economy will have on their revenues, their main wonder is what will come from the year ahead.

  1. Should I cut my marketing budget?
  2. Should we update our 5 year old website?
  3. Can we spend dollars on search engine marketing?

Well, with 91% saying they will maintain or increase this year's online advertising, the answers should be clear. In fact, 55% are cutting traditional marketing to up their online budget. (Based on 2008 McKinsey Survey)

Many of these companies ask what they should do to see their revenues increase as such, with an easy answer being to shift funds from offline to online advertising formats. This does not mean however to experiment on such platforms like or YouTube. This means getting great search results with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Programs and having professionals show you results from your advertising dollars.

In summary, 2009 is a great time to utilize online marketing. With 91% of companies saying they will maintain or increase their online campaigns, it is smart to assume if your website is not up to date with the 2009 industry standards and does not gain recognition on the search engines; the profits desired will not be received.

Seven steps to get you going on a 2009 Online Marketing Plan:

  1. Overhaul your budget and evaluate what you can spend for On-Line Advertising, even if this means cutting other traditional means.
  2. Focus on marketing formats that will show results such as SEO Programs.
  3. Focus on the marketing that will generate good ROI.
  4. Make your website reflect the 2009 industry and be user-friendly.
  5. Identify what makes your product unique and highlight those values.
  6. Offer a broader section of specials than the competition, and provide the variety of choices your customers expect.
  7. Establish Objectives and building interactive relationships with your customers.

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